Collaboration with National Science Week in Melbourne

On November 11, 2010, in news, by Adam A. Ford

Spoke to Helen Gardiner (Natinoal Science Week Victorian chair) and Simon Pryor (CEO of the Mathematical Association of Victoria).

I have a mindmap here, which sums up a lot of the possible presenters – created using freemind.

In terms of imports for the NatSciWeek I thought of this:
Spoken to Ben Goertzel (founder OpenCog [open source A{G}I platform for developers, head at the China Brain Project and has been deeply involved with AI for a long time), and he said he might be able to come along if flights etc are paid for.
I asked Ben about Kurzweil, and he said that unless he really likes what you are doing, it could be costly – though he may be able to video-conference.  I wonder if we can screen the documentary ‘The Singularity Is Near’?

Carl Zimmer (science communicator), writes some very very interesting stuff…(though i have not yet spoken to him)
Books relating to brain science:
* Soul Made Flesh
* Brain Cuttings
Does a podcast called Meet the Scientist.

Cynthia Breazeal ( Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology )
– She spoke at the Singularity Summit (USA version)  about robotics…

Kevin Warwick would be very interesting as well…

Local presenters that were part of the Last Singularity Summit, may be interested in participating again i.e. Stelarc, Russell Blackford, Greg Adamson etc

Perhaps well known philosopher David Chalmers (at ANU in Canberra) could attend.  In fact, He spoke at the Singualrity Summit in the USA too…  He said he would be interested in speaking at the summit in 2011 around the end of National Science Week.

Ideas for Demonstrations:
—  Various AGI projects in OpenCog (i.e. machine learning in Second Life)
—  Cynthia’s Robots (Kismet)
Nao Robotwikipedia entryDeveloper Program
Hiroshi Ishiguru’s robots (of Osaka University)

Kevin Korb from IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Vic, and Greg Adamson, form SSIT Melbourne (whom you mentioned) are both interested in participating again this year.

Also a while ago I spoke to Luan Ismahil from the ICT for Life Sciences Forum, he might be a good person to collaborate with as well.

Very interested to hear of any ideas anyone may have.


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