Is there a problem? Well, the Crown Casino is raking in zillions of dollars, politicians are conning the populace with meaningless statistics, religious leaders are conflating coincidences into proof of higher beings, and on and on. So, yes, there is a problem.

We are all constantly finding ourselves in situations that involve randomness and uncertainty. And, we all tend to handle these situations very poorly. Given our decades of practise, it is astonishing just how bad our sense of probability really is.

But now, help is at hand. Come and find out about some of the most cunning probability traps that we face in everyday life, and learn how to avoid them.

Burkard Polster and Marty Ross are Melbourne’s tag team of mathematics. They write the Maths Masters column for The Education Age, appear at schools, and do whatever they can to convince whoever they can that mathematics is beautiful and fun. All their activities can be checked out at

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