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On August 18, 2011, in Abstract, Summit, by Adam A. Ford



Bodies with Second Skins are operating in Second Life, shape shifting with fluid identities and extruded selves. Hybrids, Cybrids and Chimeras proliferate. EMS and Exoskeltons actuate and animate paralysed limbs. Organ Printing, Epidermal Electronics, Hydraulic Hearts and Nanobots generate alternate architectures. Machines have become soft and small. Bodies have become cyborgs of meat, metal and code. We are increasingly expected to perform in Mixed Realities.

1. How do we engineer aliveness in our machine and virtual systems to generate affect and appropriate interaction?
2. How can we construct extended operational systems that can perform remotely as Fractal Flesh?
3. How can we extract avatars from Second Life and insert them into Real Life to perform as Phantom Flesh?
4. What interfaces will allow people to become internet portals, enabling sensory experiences not limited to one physiology in one location?
5. Must there be, of necessity, a Singularity at some point in time, or rather a Multiplicity that is driven by contingency, generating increasing diversity and unexpected possibilities.

Perhaps what it means to be human is not remaining human at all. Not so much to become a Human+ but rather to become a something other. The monstrous other that is not merely an augmented and amplified body, but a differently enabled body seamlessly sliding between the biological, the machinic and the virtual.

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