Kevin B Korb

Kevin B Korb

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The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society

Kevin B. Korb, Ann E. Nicholson and Carlo Kopp
Clayton School of Information Technology
Monash University & {ann.nicholson,carlo.kopp}

Slides: KKorb Singsum2011 – aiethics



Ann E. Nicholson

If an AI is conscious then

  • It is an agent
  • It would be unethical to deprive it of its freedom of choice — Asimov’s rules of enslavement are themselves unethical

If we build an AI robot

  • it could do a powerful lot of good
    • helping us cope with 21st (25th?) Century risks
  • if
    • we build it first!
    • and it’s genuinely an ethical, utilitarian agent, then it’s progeny would also likely be ethical


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