Senior Lecturer School of Mathematical Sciences – Monash University

Burkard is a serious collector of universities. So far, he studied mathematics and computer science and worked as a mathematician at nine different universities in Germany, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.

burkard polster jugglingSince receiving his doctorate in 1993, he has been specializing in seriously serious pure mathematics such as perfect topological and finite universes, as well as seriously fun mathematics such as the mathematics of juggling, origami, soap bubbles, and bell ringing.

Burkard is the author of six books on seriously serious and fun mathematics. When he is not thinking terribly deep thoughts and writing mathematical masterpieces, he is usually busy entertaining people as Burke the Juggler or Burkard the Bubblemaster.

Areas of interest:
Finite and topological geometry, combinatorial designs, group theory, history of mathematics, classical interpolation theory, computer visualisation, mathematics education and outreach, any kind of fun mathematics.