Wilson da Silva

Fig 1 Wilson da Silva

Wilson da Silva is the Editor-in-Chief of COSMOS, the award-winning Australian science magazine which he co-founded along with Luna Media, Australia’s first carbon neutral publishing company whose innovative products have won 35 awards across print and online in the past four years.

The past president of the World Federation of Science Journalists, he is the winner of 23 journalism and film awards – including two Editor of the Year trophies for his work on COSMOS, and the AFI Award for Best Documentary for The Diplomat, a film on East Timor centred on Nobel Peace laureate José Ramos Horta. COSMOS itself has won 27 awards, including Magazine of the Year and Best Internet Site in 2006, and the Reuters/World Conservation Union Award for Excellence in Environmental Journalism.

A former science reporter for Australia’s national public broadcaster, ABC TV, he has been a foreign correspondent for Reuters – serving in Canada, Indonesia and Australia – and a former science editor for Australia’s highest-rating news site, ABC online. He began his career as a staff journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald and later became a technology writer for The Age, Australia’s oldest broadsheet newspapers. He also served as a Sydney correspondent for New Scientist magazine, and was a founding editor of the science magazines Newton, 21C and Science Spectra.

Mr. da Silva has made hundreds of TV and radio appearances on topics ranging from climate change and the green economy to bird flu and space travel, including the Today Show on the Nine Network and The Science Show on ABC Radio National. He has been profiled in The Conversation Hour and In Conversation with Robyn Williams, both on ABC Radio, in Good Weekend magazine, and he was listed as one of Australia’s ‘bright sparks’ in a feature on creativity and innovation in BOSS Magazine in 2002.

Wilson da Silva

fig 2 Wilson da Silva

Mr. da Silva has spoken at several conferences, including the 2007 UNESCO World Science Forum in Budapest, Hungary, and the 2006 EuroScience Forum in Munich, Germany. In 2009 he will become one of Australia’s first private astronauts when he boards a Virgin Galactic rocketplane for a suborbital flight.

He has donated his time to many science education and communication projects over the years. Under his leadership as president (2004-07), the World Federation of Science Journalists grew from a virtual group into a global organisation with a US$2.1 million program which now trains more than 60 science journalists in Africa and the Middle East. He is a founder of Science in the Pub, a popular public event which has been staged nationally and internationally and is occasionally broadcast on Australia’s ABC Radio, and for which he was a co-winner of the 2000 Eureka Prize for the Promotion of Science.

Mr. da Silva is passionate about science, the environment, and the role of journalism in a civil society, and believes that with determination and ingenuity we can solve many of the world’s most pressing problems.