The 2011 Singularity Summit in Melbourne was a fantastic event! Lots of networking between attendees and speakers – people discussed the importance of technological growth, and technological trends and technology in alsmost all endeavors, the impacts on industry (it’s direction & headroom for growth), and the mechanics of which society floats – not to mention the advantages that strategic vision can give.

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The Summit was held in Casey Plaza at RMIT in Melbourne on Aug the 20th, 21st 2011.


Before the conference, there was also a Friday 19th special Australian premiere screening of Transcendent ManA documentary by Barry Ptolmy about the Technological Singularity through the eyes of Ray Kurzweil, an adjunct event of the Singularity Summit – with Ben Goertzel, Steve Omohundro and Hugo de Garis giving in-theater introductions.

Saturday 20 Aug 2011

8.30amRegistration, Welcome and Introduction
9.00Presentation: James Newton-ThomasAdvances in Science and Technology
10.00Presentation: Hugo de GarisThe politics of AI
11.30Presentation: StelarcHuman+
12.30Panel: Implications of the Technological Spikes on Society (esp an Intelligence Explosion)
1.30pmBreak: Lunch / Networking
2.30Presentation: Steve OmohundroMinds Making Minds: Artifical Intelligence and the Future of Humanity
3.30Presentation: Ray Jarvis“The envy of Roboticists – AI Operating in the Material World”
4.30Break (Networking)
5.00Presentation: Ben Goertzel“Artificial General Intelligence – Roadmaps”
6.00Panel: Rationality and Advancing Technology (i.e. AI, Biotech, Nanotech)
7.00Break for Dinner (And other fun stuff)
8.00Presentation: Kevin B. Korb & Ann E. Nicholson“Bayesian Artificial Intelligence”
9.00Stumble to the pub – Probably The Corkman

Sunday 21 Aug 2011

8.45amWelcome and Introduction
9.00Presentation:  David Dowe(Bayesian/Algorithmic) Information theory, one- and two-part compression, and measures of intelligence
10.00Presentation: Steve OmohundroThe Emerging Global Mind, Cooperation, and Compassion – Steve Omohundro
11.00Break (Networking)
11.30Panel: AI Roadmaps – Progress and Impediments to AGI (Ben Goertzel, David Chalmers, Steve Omohundro, James NT) [VIDEO]
12.30Presentation: David Chalmers The Singularity – A Philosophical Analysis
1.30pmBreak for Lunch (Networking)
2.30Presentation: Burkard Polster“The problem with probability”
3.30Presentation: Alan Hájek“A Plea for the Improbable” [VIDEO]
4.30pmBreak (Networking)
5.00Presentation: Ben Goertzel“Genomics, AI and Experimental Evolution”
6.00Break for Dinner (Networking)
7.00Panel: The Perils of Prediction (Lawrence Krauss, Steve Omohundro, Ben Goertzel) [VIDEO]
8.00Presentation: Lawrence Krauss“The future of life in the Universe” [VIDEO]
9.00Stumble to the pub

(Note: Meals/Drinks not included in registration fee)